Welcome to TBDC & Learning Center!

Opening its doors in 1990, TBDC was founded on the idea that children learn best through play and exploration. We know that in the first five years, children learn and absorb more than they will for the rest of their lives. This is also the time when our capacity for learning social skills is at its largest. Children are inspired daily to ask questions and seek the answers. Failures are celebrated as an important part of the learning process. Furthermore, they teach us to be resilient which is a necessary life skill. 


Our center strives to be the village that families deserve. Children may begin with us in our infant program and continue their early childhood experiences through pre-kindergarten. We also offer programs for elementary children--before and after school, days off, as well as a summer camp. 

We know that they key to our success is our teaching team. Each our our classrooms are led by highly qualified and trained lead teachers who are supported by passionate associates. These teams work together to facilitate inspiring, play-based activities which support children's cognitive, social, and emotional development. 


Kay Retzlaff 

Founder & Co-director

Our Philosophy

Children's educational experiences ought to reflect who they are as individuals. Diverse experiences ought to be provided which support their unique learning styles and interests. They ought to have daily experiences which support their healthy development, in a warm and stimulating environment. 

Our History

As a former special education teacher, Kay recognized the importance of quality early childhood experiences. As a mom, nothing in the community met her expectations--so she created it! TBDC opened its doors in 1990. Twenty years later Kay's daughter joined the program and is continuing her mother's legacy of providing high quality experiences for young families.